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Preach My Gospel, Come Follow Me For Youth, Ministering To One Another, Teaching In The Savior's Way, Come Follow Me Shared Curriculum, And The New Laser-Like Focus On Our Youth Share A Common Core.

Understanding This Common Core Can Help Us Understand What's Happening, And Understand How To Be More Effective In Our Efforts.


1) Higher and Holier Practices
2) Deep and Lasting Conversion
3) Eternal Progression


Understanding the importantance of learning how these three core tenets of the Gospel work together, and the value of developing working skillsets for each tenet prepares us to progress and, as we become more skillful, our results become far more joyful.

As we become far more joyful, we can find greater personal encouragement and also be capable of encouraging and supporting others, even when things are very challenging.

There's a high likelihood that when we don't see how these three core tenets combine to work together, we remain less effective than we could otherwise become. Said more simply we miss opportunities to do significantly better. Let's see how:

When we don't cultivate a Deep and Lasting understanding of what the Savior wants us to do, we are more likely to miss plain and precious truths about how effective we can be in our homes, and in our Wards, and in our Stakes.

To the extent that we don't understand how inseparably connected each of these tenets are to the power of being able to love one another, and minister, and teach in the Savior's way; to a similar extent, we fail to fully prepare for the times when we need the constant influence of the Holy Ghost.

This is President Nelson's quote about this time which we need to be preparing for:

”In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost”

The good news is that when we gain new skills related to a deeper understanding of how guidance, direction, comfort, and influence can work in our lives and in the lives of the youth we have responsibilities to care for then, as we use our new skills, our ability to be far more successful increases.

Our happiness also increases, because we develop a more perfect brightness of hope that we are truly prepared to succeed in our stewardships. Through this preparation we progress and our results become far more joyful, even when things are very challenging.

The alternative is that when we struggle significantly over time, we are far more likely to return to the way we have done things in past, and when we return to doing things the way we have done things, in that moment we cease to strive to do the new higher and Holier and more Lasting things.

So this is why Deep and Lasting are so inseparably connected to Higher and Holier, because if, when we do hard or new things, and we do not deeply understand what we are doing, and why we are doing these hard or new things, we will at some point return to what we have always done, and we will have neither a deep nor lasting conversion, nor achieve Higher and Holier results.


Here Are Some Recient Conference Talks Referencing These Areas

A hallmark of the Lord’s true and living Church will always be an organized, directed effort to minister to individual children of God and their families.

Because it is His Church, we as His servants will minister to the one, just as He did. We will minister in His name, with His power and authority, and with His loving-kindness.
(And Quality Teaching Is Required To Develop These Abilities)

Because our purpose is to balance Church and the home experiences in a way that will greatly increase faith and spirituality and deepen conversion.

Because in coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.

Because we may all come to understand our part in this great ministering work so that we will become more like Him.

For instance, there is no need to constantly tell our spouse or children how they can improve. It is in creating an environment of love that they will be empowered to make the necessary changes in their lives and become better people.

Because we can teach in the Savior’s Way.

Because self assessment combined with a clear understanding of how the Lord wants us to gain further light and knowledge, can be a great source of comfort and strength by sustaining our faith, increasing our understanding, and by building a more perfect brightness of hope to protect us during times of struggle, strife, or weakness.


organizational changes at the ward level

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A laser-like focus on our youth
We are confident that more young men and young women will rise to the challenge and stay on the covenant path because of this laser-like focus on our youth.

As noted, these adjustments do not lessen the bishopric’s responsibility for young women. As President Nelson just taught, “[The bishop’s] first and foremost responsibility is to care for the young men and young women of his ward.”

As you remember, in 2018 Melchizedek Priesthood quorums were adjusted to work even more closely with Relief Societies so that Elders Quorums and Relief Societies can, under the direction of the bishop, help shoulder important responsibilities that previously consumed much of his time. These responsibilities include missionary work and temple and family history work in the ward — as well as much of the ministering to ward members.

Why Has Improving Quality Of Teaching Been Elevated To The Same Level As Ministering, Family History, Temples, And Missionary Work?

And Do We Really Need To Improve Quality Of Teaching For All Five Audiences

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Figuring Out What Children Need


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Figuring Out What Youth Need


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Figuring Out What Adults Need


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Figuring Out Individual Needs


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Figuring Out What Families Need


Connecting The Ward Organizational Presidencies And Ward Council To The New Stake Organization

LET'S LOOK AT THE NEW STAKE Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women committee

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At the stake level, a high councilor will be the Young Men president and will, with the high councilors assigned to Young Women and Primary, be part of the stake Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women committee. These brethren will work with the stake Young Women presidency on this committee.

With a counselor to the stake president as chair, this committee will have increased importance because many of the programs and activities in the new Children and Youth initiative will be at the stake level. These high councilors, under the direction of the stake presidency, can serve as a resource to the bishop and Aaronic Priesthood quorums in a manner similar to the service provided by high councilors to ward elders quorums.

As a related matter, another high councilor will serve as the stake Sunday School president and, as needed, could serve on the stake Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women committee.

So What's The Next Step At The Ward, And Ward Organizational Levels

A) Over Time, Determine Which Organizations Will Have Which Responsibilities for Each Audience

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Under the keys of priesthood leadership at each level, leaders counsel together for the benefit of individuals and families. Council members also plan the work of the Church pertaining to their assignments. Effective councils invite full expression from council members and unify their efforts in responding to individual, family, and organizational needs.

B) Over Time, Determine How Each Organization Will Accomplish And Report On Their Respective Responsibilities To Each Of The Following Groups: Teachers, Learners, Organizational Presidencies, Ward Council, Bishopric, And Stake Leadership

C) Over Time, Determine How Much Stake Support Each Organization Could Use To Feel Fully Supported And Encouraged In Their New Responsibilities.

Because it makes no sense to ask Teachers, Organizational Presidencies, and Ward Councils, To off load Prior Bishopric Responsibilities, and then ask the very Bishopric Members who we are trying to free up to do the orientation and training. Especially when the training requires showing all these good people how to do things which they have, in many cases, never done before. Rather, training by specialists at the ward or stake level would seem to be a very effective way to orient and train as needed.


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